April 12, 2021

Prior fitness started with a team that has a strong sense of a healthy body. We are focusing on life quality and details, enhancing your workout, and cutting extra weight off. We believe that it can make your life more fresh and positive. This is why we created an affordable line of aerial yoga, which means the money you spend on the hospital is the same or less.


We are established in 2013, a professional manufacturer and exporter in quality aerial silk, aerial hammock, aerial hoop, aerial frame, bungee equipment, and dance pole, etc, support stands to yoga studios, aerial school, theaters, university, circuses, and performers. Currently, the export is more than 70% of our production worldwide.


We hope to convey the concept of health and fitness to everyone. In our modern world of fast-paced lifestyles, taking time out to meditate and do some relaxing exercise cannot be a bad thing.