October 14, 2021

1. Plan what to do

2. Have good command over English language.

3. Read, read and read.

4. Star reading, fiction, non fiction, science, history, physique etc.

5. Start exercising or yoga or start jogging. Have a decent physique.

6. Wake up before sunrise, practice to wake up without alarm.

7. Learn to communicate with strangers. Develop the confidence to start a conversation with strangers. Get to know different people around you.

8.Quit smoking, alcohol or any other bad habits you have.

9. Learn how to cook.

10. Learn to plan your day well. Spend at least 10mins in the morning and make a list of activities to be done for that particular day.

11. Learn a foreign language.

12. Help people who are in need of help.

13. Love your parents, love your family. They are the only who will love you.

14. Learn to live alone.

15. Never be dependent on anybody, for anything. Learn to be independent.

16. Do not forget to get at least 8hrs of peaceful sleep among all these activities.

17. Start meditation, this will keep your mind calm, fresh and active throughout the day.