How To Choose Yoga Hammock Length?

What size do I need?

7-8 feet (2.2-2.6m) ceiling height = purchase 4 meters/4.4 yard hammock

8-10 feet (2.6-3.2m) ceiling height=purchase 5 meters/5.5 yard hammock

10-12 feet(3.2-3.5m) ceiling height=purchase 6 meters/6.5 yard hammock


12+ feet  ceiling height= need longer rigging equipment (daisy chain)or purchase an extended length hammock.

Our industry-standard 5 meters, or 5.5 yard hammock sets work in areas up to 10 feet and can be hung at a high or low  height depending on preference. If you like flexibility with your rigging point and enjoy low hanging in a low swing, we recommend this.

All hammocks are 2.8 meters/ 9.2 feet wide, so you can stretch out in the fabric.